The role of the Toastmaster is to ensure that your event is perfect in every way.

It is the Toastmaster’s role to advise on etiquette, ceremonial precedence, correct forms of address and the general conduct of any particular occasion. Wayne will consult with the hosts regarding every aspect of the event or function, , agreeing all necessary timings, procedures and protocol pertaining to the occasion.

Your Toastmaster is there for you when you need him and will provide continuous liaison between the hosts and venue staff, allowing the hosts to enjoy their evening without any disruption. The faultless attention to detail will ensure that events will run to time with effortless flow.

Your Toastmaster will, amongst other things:

Announce your guests and present them to their host

Announce the order of proceedings

Make all guests and dignitaries feel relaxed and welcome

Request silence for all speeches, Graces, toasts and announcements

Act as an auctioneer or fundraiser for charity events